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In this section we plan to develop discussion on topics related to traditional music, ethnomusicology, building and playing traditional musical instruments. We also welcome announcements and reports about events in the area related to the traditional music.



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Subj: Kankles festivity in Panevezys
From: Valdis Erglis Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998
I would like to announce some information for you.
25th of April this year in Panevezys (Lithuania) will happen kankles festivity "Aisus kankleliai". There will be a concert, presenting kankles players of that reagion and also makers (craftsmen). Also there  are participating some performers from other cities of Lithuania. This festivity, as far as I know, is only event in Lithuania devoted especially to kankles. This year it will be the third time, and it will start at 12.00 in the hall of the Musical Theatre (Musikinio Teatro sale). Anybody interested into this event can contact
Mrs: Daina Snicoriute
Vitalija Vasiliauskaite
(Ethnical culture department of Panevezys city museum)
Laisves a. 1
5319 Panevezys
t. +370-5-424763

All the best for you all,
Valdis Erglis



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