World Music Tradition
3rd International Baltic Psaltery Conference

November 13-16 1997.
Folk Arts Centre, Kaustinen, Finland
Folk Music Institute/Folk Arts Centre, Kaustinen
Tampere University, Department of Ethnomusicology, Tampere
Kantele Association, Tampere
Supported by:
Ministry of Education, Finland
Organizing Committee in Finland
Hannu Saha (chair)
Timo Leisiö
Ismo Sopanen
The conference was hosted by the Folk Music Institute/Folk Arts Centre, Tampere University/Department of Folk Tradition and the Kantele Association of Finland. The place for the happening is the new Folk Arts Centre.
During the conference there was a four day seminar (in the mornings and afternoons), exhibitions and concerts (in the evenings). All kinds of concerts, including historical and contemporary music were be held during the conference. E.g., in November 15 there was be the first public performance and world premiere of the Kantele Concerto composed by Pekka Jalkanen. It was played by Ritva Koistinen, concert kantele, and the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra conducted by Juha Kangas.


Thursday, November 13, 1997
12.00 Conference Office open for Registration
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Opening Ceremony of the Conference
Hannu Saha, Timo Leisiö and Ismo Sopanen

chair: Carl Rahkonen
Timo Leisiö Lyre and Zither in the Baltic Sea Area.
Igor Tõnurist Estonian Kannel as an Instrument of the Russian Gusli Tradition.
Igor Tõnurist Vladimir Povetkin about New Finds of the Ancient Gusli-Kantele and Other String Instruments in Old Novgorod.
Kari Dahlblom Osip Smolenski - the Renovator of Gusli

17.30 Dinner
19.00 Finnish "iltamat" Party, Kaustinen Hall
e.g. Sinikka & Matti Kontio, Timo Väänänen, Valdis Muktupavels, Andrew Cronshaw
22.00 Night Concert, Museum Hall
e.g. Arja Kastinen, Eija Kankaanranta & Mervi Yli-Vainio, Minna Raskinen, Ain Haas & Andres Peekna and all possible volunteers...

Friday, November 14, 1997

8.00 Breakfast

chair: Irisa Priedite
Joyce Hakala Memento of Finland: from start to finish.
Ain Haas The Social Context of Kannel Traditions among Estonians and Estonian-Americans.
Andres Peekna Carved Kannel Making among Estonians and Latvians in America.
Nicholay Zhoukov & Vladimir Maraev Some Aspects of Traditional Carved Kantele Building.

12.00 Lunch
chair: Igor Tõnurist
Carl Rahkonen The Kantele and Shamanism Reconsidered.
Valdis Muktupavels Problems of the Survival of Traditional Kokles Playing Styles in Latvia.
Hannu Saha Style and the Process of Variation in Folk Music.

Panel Discussion: "The Origin of the Musical Instruments of the Balts"
chair: Timo Leisiö
Papers presented by Romualdas Apanavicius (20 mins), and Igor Matsievsky (5 mins), Igor Tõnurist (5 mins) and Ari Siiriäinen (5 mins)
17.00 Dinner
19.00 Concert, Kaustinen Hall
e.g. Andrew Cronshaw, Valdis Muktupavels, Ain Haas & Andres Peekna Trio,
Tuule Kann & Pille Karras, Igor Tõnurist, Riikin Rallit, Heimo Peltoniemen kanteleyhtye, Minna Raskinen Ensemble, Toivo Alaspään kanteleyhtye, Sibelius-Akatemian kanteleet

Saturday, November 15, 1997
8.00 Breakfast

chair: Valdis Muktupavels
Irina Semakova, paper read by Anna Kalaberda Problem of Vepsian Kantele.
Matti Kontio Tuning Systems and Kantele.
Arja Kastinen & Rauno Nieminen A Research Project on Kantele Acoustics.
Andrew Cronshaw Kantele meets Madagascan marovany: romance ensues and the child, Morovantele (2 ½ yrs) is thriving

12.00 Lunch
chair: Igor Matsievsky
Pekka Jalkanen In the Wellsprings of My Kantele Concerto.
Timo Väänänen The Compositions of Martti Pokela.
Minna Raskinen Recreation of a Composition Using Improvisation - A Teaching Method.
Tuule Kann Various Options for Learning to Play Kannel in Contemporary Estonia.

16.00 Concert: "Music by Martti Pokela", Museum Hall
e.g. Timo Väänänen, Trio Clapp, Sinikka & Matti Kontio, Tiina Kaaresvirta & Riitta Huttunen...
17.00 Dinner
19.30 Chamber Music Concert, Kaustinen Hall
The Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra, cond. Juha Kangas, sol. Ritva Koistinen, kantele
Pekka Jalkanen, Concerto for Kantele and Strings
Heino Eller, Five Pieces for String Orchestra
Béla Bartók, Divertismento
22.00 Baltic Psalteries Night at the Folk Arts Centre
Music, jam sessions, refreshments... Stage is open for everybody!

Sunday, November 16, 1997

8.00 Breakfast
chair: Romualdas Apanavicius
Irisa Priedite The Strings Instruments of the Eastern Latvia. The Tradition and Today.
Igor Matsievsky Baltic Psaltery in the Context of Instrumental Music: Some Aspects.
Anna Kalaberda Kantele in the Context of Between-Ethnical Cultural Communication of Finno-Ugric and Neighbour Peoples and Today.
Ismo Sopanen The Activities of the Kantele Association in Finland.

11.30 Closing of the Conference
Hannu Saha, Timo Leisiö and Ismo Sopanen
12.00 Farewell Lunch

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