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Jalkala Festival

Jalkala Museum
August 16-17 1997.

The first Jalkala Festival of Traditional Arts took place in Jalkala near Saint Petersburg (Russia). The Festival was hosted by the Jalkala Museum of History and Ethnography. The roots of this festival are in traditional local celebration called Kihi. This festival aims to reestablish tradition and renew the relationships which were once broken.
The two days of the Festival included an opening of an exhibition of traditional musical instruments, musical performances and an open meeting of specialists in traditional music and culture.
Jalkala is a former memorial museum of V. I. Lenin. In summer 1917 V. I. Lenin used to hide there in a farm of Parviainen. Due to this the building was preserved and well maintained in Soviet times. 1992 it became a Museum of History and Ethnography of the Karelian Istmus and Southern Karjala. It hosts materials on Karjalaiset, Savakot, Evrëmëiset, Suomi and other original inhabitants of the area. The exhibition demonstrates the history of Finnic and Baltic people in wide context. There are also some documents concerning the family of Parviainen.
The Museum of Jalkala is situated north from Saint Petersburg near Terioki (Zelenogorsk) in nice rural area close the Gulf shore and lakes.

Jalkala Museum
The first day of the Festival was celebrated by opening an exhibition of traditional musical instruments of Finnic people. Numerous groups of visitors were given special talks on history and ethnography of local population.

V. Maraev and N. Zhoukov playing their kantele and jouhikko for the audience in front of the Museum building.

The second day of the festival included a meeting of specialists. The subject of this meeting was to develop plans for the second festival. The meeting was attended by museum stuff, representatives of Karjala national society and Swedish community in Saint Petersburg.

At the meeting

The II Jalkala Festival of Traditional Arts will take place in August 1998.

The Festival welcomes all who are interested in traditional cultures of Finnic and Baltic people to attend the events and take part in the celebration. Scholars studying traditional cultures, traditional musical instrument makers and performers are specially welcomed to participate in specific festival activities. It is important for the Festival to promote the idea of cultural pluralism therefore we welcome representatives of different cultural traditions to participate as guests in different cultural and musical activities of the Festival.
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Jalkala Museum of History and Ethnography

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