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In this section we present outer links. They are directed to different sites containing information on traditional music. The selection of the sites is not really representative. It reflects only the sites we know about and we like. The links we place here are reviewed by ourselves and therefore the reviews are subjective and reflect only our personal preferences.
Instruments This section has links to sites with extensive descriptions of traditional and folk musical instruments.
Regional Traditions This section assembles information on different musical traditions arranged by regions.
Festivals Here we place links to the information on festivals, performances and other events related to traditional and folk music.
Publications Links to journals, electronic magazines and other publications related to the field of traditional music, folk music and ethnomusicology.
Institutions Links in this section are related to information about institutions, organizations, projects and other official bodies connected to the field of traditional music and ethnomusicology.
Miscellaneous Here we collect links to different sites related to traditional and folk music which can not fit in the above classification.
We are ready to put links to the sites related to Traditional Music, different Ethnic musical traditions, World Music and Ethnomusicology.
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